Plumbing Leaks

Leaks. They can go unnoticed for weeks, if not months, or be constant annoyances around the house.

Regardless of whether your leaking plumbing is on your mind or not, it is crucial that you get leaks taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


Leaking Pipes 

Leaking Pipes can cause further damage if left unfixed. Often, signs of leaking pipes occur that include water pooling, moldy or sewage smells, extra abnormal noises in pipes or appliances and rust or discolored stains. Any of these situations should be evaluated by a qualified plumber from American Rooter. This family business has been serving the communities of Broward, Palm Beach and South Martin County for years. Leaking pipes may present obvious signs, or the home or business could have an unexplained higher water bill. Let our experts determine the extent and source of your leaking pipe issue.

Washing machines can leak from corroded water hose lines. Toilets and faucets often run or drip causing rust stains or pooling of water on floors or behind walls. Any musty, mildew or bad odor should be promptly investigated. Over time, even small leaks can erode fixtures and pipes causing more expensive damages. Other water leakage signs can be uneven flooring, loosened floor tiles or wet areas in room where pipe is leaking. Look for bulging washing machine hoses, lowered water temperature, less water pressure and dripping or gurgling pipe noises. American Rooter offers emergency leaking pipe repairs.

Our American Rooter technicians always arrive on time, work efficiently to solve leaking pipe problems and keep work areas as neat as possible. We strive to cause as little disruption as possible while fixing leaky pipes.

With free online estimates, competitive affordable costs, guarantees on both work and products and our exceptional customer service promise, customers have no reason not to call American Rooter. We service many Southern Martin County, Broward and Palm Beach neighborhoods.

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